We are a Sports Education Program designed to have FUN while getting FIT. Our lessons are age appropriate to build your child's confidence and promote developmental growth week by week. Your child will be introduced to ALL major sports as well as some really fun stuff such as: Kick Boxing, Pilates, Speed Stacks, Drumming and much more... Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Ball Skills, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Body Awareness, and Concentration are not neglected to promote Muscle Tone and Dynamic Skills through the use of our extensive collection of sports equipment and gym apparatus. Your child will experience energy packed lessons for 30 fun filled minutes once a week at their school venue.




South Africa is fast becoming one of the world's fattest nations. We are raising an obese nation according to (Health 24, 2008) "17% of children between the ages of one and eight were overweight and 5% were obese is 1999".Today's pressures and technologies restrict children from good old fashioned outside play. This has led to many children not getting enough exposure to gross motor and exercise leading to low muscle tone and problems that can hamper them both academically and physically later on in life. Playfit has therefore been developed to meet the need for young children to "Learn to Play".

Our Mission: Playfit would like to get children's frame of mind focused on the importance of exercise from an early age, but at the same time making it fun in order for the children to internalize what we teach. This will ensure that the children will take this fundamental knowledge and carry it on in their own lives in the future, encouraging growth of healthy lifestyles in our country. Our objectives are to promote exercise and well being among children, to promote their participation in sport and to guide their development growth. 


Playfit recognizes that when parents choose an extra mura
l program for their child, safety, quality of service and their childs development are most important. 


All our coaches are qualified in level 1 first aid.

Lesson plans are strategically designed through the contribution of various Professionals such as Flavia Crafford with 19 years of Kids Sport and Movement experience,  Biokineticist, Kylie Crafford and various Personal Trainers that specialize in working with children.

We take on a multidimensional approach to ensure safe, effective, and fun lessons to improve your child’s fundamental and overall physical growth and development.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our lesson plans target education and promote healthy active lifestyles for your children, which will have a positive effect on quality of life in later years to come. 

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