A qualified coach and assistant will come to your child's school once a week with a variety of apparatus and pieces of exercise equipment. Playfit's lessons change every week. Music or locomotion is used to develop amongst other things, rhythm, cardio-vascular fitness and co-ordination. Your child will be rewarded at the end of every lesson with a sticker or stamp. Children are assessed (age related) in the last term. At the end of every term, your child will receive a certificate for completing the term with Playfit.


Once you land on our webpage, click on the FORMS ICON, and then on Registration Form. It's quick and easy to fill in the form and "Click!" The form gets sent to us automatically and a copy is sent to your email address and a copy to the school. And you are done. Remember to email or fax us proof of payment if paying via EFT. 

Cardio equipment- balance beams- parallel bars- mats - trampolines-ribbons- fine motor equipment, balls/sports equipment, soccer, netball, golf,

hockey, baseball, cricket, pilates, kick boxing, drums(audio)- speed stacks, cup stacking, rebound nets and much more... 

Please look for the Playfit Poster at reception  at your child's school to find out when we coach there and what the costs are.


It is advised that children wear clothing for physical exercise. We prefer children to go barefoot during class time. Weather conditions and childs health are taken into consideration in this regard.


PARENTS, we need your co-operation in this area. Children get distracted when parents or siblings watch lessons. Your children do not receive the full benefit of the class being taught and learning is hindered. A date will be made for parents to watch a lesson at the end of each term.